Hello. We are a family of three – Diana, Robert & Cheepsus – from Dover, New Hampshire. Cheepsus was born in November 2016 and joined our family in January 2017. He came to our family from a lovely old lady breeder in Marshfield, MA. It was a tough beginning, as he was our first pet together, but couple months later we became best friends and fell in love with him. Now we cannot imagine our life without him.

All three of us enjoy hiking so you will see a lot of posts in this blog about our hiking adventures. As a real labrador retriever, Cheepsus loves swimming or playing in a pool. Just recently we bought a small pool for him to play during hot summer days, but he prefers one at his daycare more, as he can play there with his friends.

But the most Cheepsus loves to eat. We think that he could easily eat the whole 26 lbs dog food bag, and still wouldn’t be full. If you have a labrador, you already figured this out. And of course, constant chewing on sticks, leaves, grass and some other stuff while outside. Sometimes it seems that he just has to have something in his mouth.

We will be posting products and services reviews, where Cheepus will be doing the main work. So you will be able to get insights on what is the best for your labrador.

We decided to do this as we want to share our findings with everybody so it would make your life easier, and you could enjoy all the great moments your new puppy or dog will bring into your life. We hope you will enjoy our adventures and will visit our blog once in a while.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to get in touch with us.