Cheepsus and certificate

Dog Training in Dover NH

Diana, Cheepsus and I spent 6 Sundays this summer attending dog training classes at Sue Carney’s Real Life Canine Academy. Last Sunday was the final one and Cheepsus graduated from Real Life 2 Puppy Class. If you are looking for dog training in Dover NH area you should check out K9 Kaos or Sue’s Facebook page.

Cheepsus and certificate

Training Experience

As I mentioned this was Real Life 2 Puppy Class. However, we started from back in February we started with Real Life Puppy Class. Then in April joined Real Life 1 Puppy Class. If you are interested in dog training in Dover NH, see each class description below.

Real Life Puppy Class

For puppies between the ages of 3 to 6 monthsCheepsus graduation from real life puppy

  • Nutrition and proper play
  • Acceptance of touch, grooming and nail trims
  • Come when called & Drop It
  • Stop pulling and jumping before it starts
  • Sit, Down, Stay and Wait

Real Life 1 Puppy Class

For beginner adults, newly adopted dogs and young adults, 7 months and up

  • Dog to dog meetings
  • Acceptance of touch, grooming and nail trims
  • Come when called & drop It
  • Stop pulling and jumping before it starts
  • Sit, Down, Stay and Wait (wait for doors & food)
  • Beginning heel

Real Life 2 Puppy Class

This class is for graduates of Real Life Puppy and Real Life 1. It polishes up and asks for a bit more behavior from your dog and less work from you. Weather permitting we travel 3 classes….to…

  • stores 
  • parks
  • Vet offices 
  • and walks through town (Dover or Portsmouth)

All to help you and your dog become great partners when navigating the real world. Dogs should know the basics, get along well with other dogs and be well on the way to a reliable LEAVE IT and HEEL.

Graduation Day

Sue decided to takes us somewhere outside for the final class. Initially, she wanted all of us to go to Wagon Hill Farm. However, this place tends to get quite crowded during weekends. So it might had been too difficult to control our dogs. Diana and I suggested trying a field behind Garrison Hill Park in Dover, NH.

This is a huge field with nobody around. No houses or busy roads. There is only an off road trail for snowmobiles and quads. So dogs can run, play and enjoy freedom.

And they did. The class was on Sunday, but we had quite a heavy rain on Monday or Tuesday before. And of course, Cheepsus was able to find a muddy puddle. He was very proud of what he did…

I’m not sure what is it with him and mud, but this wasn’t the first time when he got dirty outside. He was quite dirty when we were doing Arethusa Falls trail.

dirty Cheepsus

Share Your Experience

Please share your experience with professional dog trainers. Do you have any recommendations in Seacoast area?

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