Cheepsus on the summit

Mount Roberts: Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in New Hampshire

If you are looking for a dog friendly hiking trails in New Hampshire, we have one more trail suggestion for you. In my previous post about Arethusa Falls, I said that I have to do this hike as it is named after me.lake winnipesaukee

It is easy-moderate, but very well marked hike through a forest with some great lookouts overseeing Lake Winnipesaukee.


About Location

Mount Roberts trail starts in the Castle in the Clouds complex, next to the Riding in the Clouds. You can park your car on the right just after you enter the complex. If this parking spot is full, you can drive further towards the Castle where you will find plenty of parking space.

The beginning of the trail is just behind horse barn. Look for directions as it is clearly marked on multiple poles.

Our Experience

As I said I really wanted to do this trail as it has the same name as I do. To be honest, I don’t know why it is named like this, what is the story behind. However, then there is a mountain and trail with your name, I think you have to do it.

So the trail was on our to-do list, we were just waiting for a good weather. A perfect day that is not too cold, and to too hot. Saturday during long labor day weekend was that perfect day. It was a sunny warm clear day. The weather was perfect for a hike.

We arrived at the complex around 9:40 AM. Quickly changed our shoes, packed all necessary stuff, and we were on our way just before 10 AM.

As I said it was labor day weekend. However, it was still quite early on Saturday morning when we started our hike. Probably that was why we met only 4 people when going up. All of them were going down already. I have no idea when they had started their hikes, as it 4-5 hours return hike.

The Trail

Majority of Mount Roberts trail goes through a forest with some openings that offer great views of Lake Winnipesaukee. The trail is well marked, very easy to follow. When we did it, it did not have any obstacles that would be difficult to pass. There are some rocky parts on the trail, but the rocks are quite big and will be easy for your dog to climb or walk on.

Diana, Cheepsus and I marked this trail as easy-moderate.

The Summit


Cheepsus on the summit

Mount Roberts summit is a bit disappointing. It is very narrow, with an obstructed view towards some other peaks. I wanted to make it to the summit so I would have a photo with my name. But I totally understand if you would do only 3/4 of the hike. Cause the views of Lake Winnipesaukee are really great, but you don’t have to get to the summit to fully enjoy them.

view from the summit

Start Early

It was really great that we started the hike early enough. As we met only 4 people on the way up, we were able to keep Cheepsus off the leash almost all the time when going up. Which he really loved. And it was a very good opportunity to practice recalls, and his ability to track us. We definitely recommend to come to the place and start your hike as early as possible. It’s worth it as your dog will be able to enjoy freedom, and you won’t have to worry about other people.

Cheepsus and lake winnipesaukee

Bring Enough Water

Don’t forget to bring enough water for yourself and your dog. Even though the day wasn’t too hot, but Cheepsus managed to drink 2 bottles of water. Probably half a gallon or so. This was only on the trail. When we got back to the car, he drank more. And the only place in the complex to get water for him was in a restroom in a restaurant. So it is better to bring more water, as otherwise, you will have to hike to the restaurant.

family is resting after the hike

Share Your Experience

Let us know your experience on this trail or any other dog friendly hiking trails in New Hampshire that is worth trying.

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