6-Foot Flat Nylon Or Leather Lead

A 6-foot leather leash is probably the best length and material you could possibly use. It gives enough room for you and your dog to comfortably exist next to each other. Longer is better because it allows you to add length if needed and tighten when needed. Also, it does not need to be thick (even for a mastiff!). A thin ¾ inch leash is easier to manipulate and handle. The biggest problem is that most let the leash do all the work! Keeping it tight and forcing your dog into position doesn’t teach anything! Think of the leash more as a tether to keep your dog with you rather than a steering wheel. Use your body to direct your dog and you will be amazed.

Flexi Leads

This type of leash actually teaches the dog that pulling gets him further (the opposite of what we want). It is also tight the entire time you use it, creating the constant tension we want to avoid. If you know dogs; constant tension equals constant pulling. A flexi leash desensitizes the dog to tension. Where should you use it? When you want to let your dog run in a field or off-leash area but aren’t quite ready for off leash. It can be great also, to aid in training for COME.