Cheepsus at seapoint beach

Seapoint Beach: Dog Friendly Beach In Maine

Great news! Seapoint Beach is dog friendly once again. So if you are looking for a dog friendly beach in Maine, you must visit Seapoint Beach. This beach is awesome!

Cheepsus at seapoint beach

Summer Season Is Over

To be honest Seapoint Beach in Kittery, ME is dog friendly all year round. However, during the summer season from June 15th through September 10th, dogs were not welcome between the hours of 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. But as the summer is over – no more rules.

We were at the same beach back in April, when Cheepsus was just a little puppy. He was around 5 months old then. So last Sunday, September 10th we decided to visit this beach once again. This weekend was less intense compared to previous weekend when we did Mount Roberts trail.

small Cheepsus at seapoint beach

Back in April, it was his first visit to a beach, but he really loved it. We liked that we were able to keep him off leash pretty much all the time. His obedience was quite good, even though back then we had just started working on his recall and other more complex training.

As Cheepsus was and he still is very friendly, he enjoyed meeting new dogs and new people. So the beach is a very good place for dogs to socialize.

small Cheepsus on a path

Experience From This Trip

As probably you can guess, Cheepsus loved this trip to Seapoint Beach. This was the first time he went into the ocean. The first time when we visited the beach in April, he stayed away from the water. But this time he wasn’t afraid anymore and he tried. Of course, he tried to drink salty water, which he did not like at all.

However, he enjoyed playing with other dogs. There was a big gang of maybe six or seven puppies and dogs. So Cheepsus joined them for a play on the beach.

Before Winter Comes

We are planning that we will visit Seapoint Beach at least couple more times before the winter comes. It is a great place where you can keep your dog off leash. Where they can play with other dogs. Or they can just run and get crazy on the beach. Moreover, there is plenty of space to play with a ball.

Perfect beach for a day out with your best friend.

Share Your Experience

Please share your experience at this beach. Or maybe you know another great dog friendly beach in Maine or New Hampshire.

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