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Should I Buy Pet Insurance For My Dog

Greetings. If you are reading this post, it means that you are looking for an answer to a question. Should I buy pet insurance for my dog? I will save you some time for you who already decided that you need to get pet insurance, and started shopping around. Get cheap pet insurance for dogs from Healthy Paws. However, if you are still asking yourself should I buy pet insurance for my dog, then continue reading. In this post, I will share our experience.

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

After Cheepsus joined our family, we took him to a vet. The vet gave us a lot of flyers about tick prevention, heartworms, some other diseases, nutrition, etc. In the whole package, there were couple flyers on pet insurance. Back at home Diana and I reviewed all the info. Had a discussion if we should get pet insurance, and came to a conclusion that it is not required.

Today I don’t remember all the reasons why we decided that we don’t need it, but at least couple were money related – it was too expensive, and if something would happen we would be able to cover the cost. At least this was what we thought. And how wrong we were…

Training That Went Wrong

It was Saturday evening, just a bit more than a month after we got Cheepsus. I was training him “drop it” and “fetch”. The game was quite simple – I was throwing a rope inside the house saying “fetch”, and once he returned back I would say “drop it”. To make this training more interesting, I used kibble as a treat.

Cheepsus loved this training, as it involved the two best things – his favorite rope and food. We were playing it quite fast, and this is where I made a mistake. I did not wait for him enough to finish eating before I threw the rope once again. He started running to fetch the rope while still chewing. He inhaled a piece of kibble and started choking.

Emergency Can Happen Any Time

Cheepsus started choking. At first, he tried to cough – this is an instinct that everybody has. You are just trying to get a foreign object from your throat. However, cough did not help.

The next body reaction was to throw up. However, the piece was still stuck.

And suddenly the biggest nightmare – he started choking. I kid you not – he wasn’t able to breathe for maybe a minute. But it seemed like an hour for Diana and me.

Cheepsus was lying on the floor. For couple seconds he was very calm but suddenly started trembling. We started panicking as we did not know what to do.

Somehow I figured out that I had to try to open his mouth. I stuck my fingers deep into his throat searching for that stuck piece of kibble. This was a good and bad idea at the same time. Good, because I was able to clear his throat from obstruction. Bad, because he bit me. Cheepsus was scared and in panic as well. He even pooped himself.

Watch this video to learn more what to do if your dog is choking.

Emergency Vet Visit

Diana and I were very scared and in a shock. So we decided to take him to an emergency vet. It was very stressful 20 minutes drive. Cheepsus was breathing heavily all the time. Coughed a lot…

The vet did some test, x-ray, measured temperature, etc. to determine his condition. We waited outside to get the news. Maybe 15 minutes later she came to discuss Cheepsus treatment plan. According to the vet, there was some fluid in his lungs, so her recommendation was to keep in an oxygen tank for at least couple hours. Give him IV, etc.

And all this could cost us estimated $1968.52.

Cheepsus treatment plan

Paying The Bill

We agreed with the treatment plan except for couple items such as blood work, that we did not feel was necessary. To be honest, now I think that maybe half of that stuff was not needed, but we were in shock and did not make a rational decision.

Cheepsus spent the night in the emergency vet clinic. On Sunday afternoon we picked him up happy and feeling much better.

The only thing that was left was to pay the final bill. It was $1318.86. Which was $650 less than estimated, but still a fortune.


Should I Buy Pet Insurance For My Dog?

The answer to this question after weekend’s experience was yes. I should buy pet insurance for Cheepsus.

I started looking for pet insurance companies and reviews. Got quotes from multiple, and eventually decided to go with Healthy Paws insurance.

See that post for more details on Healthy Paws, but I can tell you already that it was worth getting it. We already received 3 checks…



Share Your Experience

What do you think about pet insurance? How do you answer the question should I buy pet insurance for my dog? How do you feel about vet fees? Do you think they are reasonable?

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