Cheepsus in his plastic pool

Swimming Pools for Dogs? Nope, I Hate It

In the beginning of the summer, my wife and I decided that we will get a swimming pool for Cheepsus. This item was not on our new puppy list, but we thought it would be a great idea as he really enjoyed swimming in a pond. Moreover, it seemed that this was where he spent his whole time while at a daycare.
So we bought him a small swimming pool from local Walmart, and one hot summer day decided to try it. I think the photo below says it all – Cheepsus did not like the pool at all. He was afraid to step into the pool, but when he eventually did – he was just standing and doing nothing.
Cheepsus in his plastic pool
Maybe this is because the water in the pool was fresh without any dirt as it usually is at the daycare.
Cheepsus in a pool standing Cheepsus in a pool Cheepsus and his friends
Does your dog enjoy playing in such pools? How do you keep your dog cool during hot summer days?

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