Cheepsus and gentle leader

Gentle Leader Dog Collar

Gentle Leader Dog Collar

Today I would like to review gentle leader dog collar. This collar can be a really great tool to teach your puppy obedience. But I would like to start from the beginning.

Collar We Used

When Cheepsus joined our family we used a regular collar which we bought on Amazon. It was Blueberry Pet Solid Color collar, one of our items on New Puppy Supply List. When we bought this collar we wanted a simple beautiful blue collar that would make our puppy look very handsome.
The collar served its purpose but did not help a lot in teaching Cheepsus obedience. We had a lot of trouble with pulling when walking him on a leash.

Recommendation From Our Pet Sitter

As Cheepsus was growing quite fast and was getting stronger, pulling force increased as well. Luckily our pet sitter recommended trying gentle leader dog collar. We were a bit skeptical in the beginning, cause we didn’t think that a gentle leader collar could make a big difference. However, we decided to give it a try as pulling was getting out of hand.

It Was a Miracle

Literally – gentle leader dog collar was a miracle. For the first time ever we were finally able to enjoy walks with CheepsusCheepsus and gentle leader without any pulling.

How Does It Work

The nose loop goes around the dog’s nose and jaw and acts in the same way as a pack-leader’s mouth – this is a clear signal to the dog that you are the leader. The neck strap puts pressure on the back of the neck which causes an instinctive relaxation response when the dog tries to pull forwards.

Practice makes perfect

Like barking and jumping, pulling on a leash is a self-rewarding or self-reinforcing behavior and every time the dog is successful in pulling, the more the dog will pull. In simple language, pulling works and dogs do what works for them. A gentle leader dog collar is a management tool, not a training aid.

They say that ideally, you should begin using the gentle leader dog collar with your puppy at 8-10 weeks of age, but no dog is ever too old to benefit from wearing one.