Diana Robert Cheepsus Arethusa Falls

Arethusa Falls: Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in New Hampshire

Arethusa Falls: Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in New Hampshire

Diana, Cheepsus and I did this hike on Saturday. We arrived at Arethusa Falls trail parking around 11 AM. We did couple other hikes in White Mountain region before. So we were expecting that we will have to pay for the parking. We were very happy to discover that it was for free. Park rangers were just asked for a donation for using the trail.
We did the hike on Saturday. The trail was super busy packed with other hikers and dogs. Of course, Cheepsus enjoyed this as he got attention from almost everyone we met on the trail. However, Diana and I would have enjoyed less crowded trail where we could keep Cheepsus unleashed.
On the way back from the falls we took an alternate trail instead of going the main Arethusa Falls trail. If you will be hiking with your dog, definitely take alternative Bemis Brook trail on the way to the falls or on the way back. There is one quite steep part on this trail, but it is totally worth it. The trail goes next to a creek with 4-5 pools where your dog can swim and play.

Our Next Hike

Most likely our next hike will be in Lake Winnipesaukee region. We want to do Mount Robert trail - I have to do this trail as it is named after me. Mt. Roberts is the westernmost peak in the Castle in the Clouds complex in the Ossipee Mountains. While the summit features strong views to the north, perhaps the most scenic portion is the ledge area along the Mt. Roberts Trail. The Lake Winnipesaukee views from this section are second to none. This will be another addition to the list of dog friendly hiking trails in New Hampshire.

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