Lure A Sit

Human nature (with these commands) is to use a lot of words, move your hands a LOT and talk and talk and talk. Instead, try to calm down, stay quiet and think to LURE your dog into position. Training should be easy, calm and a time of learning…not frustration or anger. LURING is one of three ways to get a behavior to happen. Shaping – getting a portion of a behavior and adding to it and, capturing – waiting for the behavior to happen and capturing it with a name and a reward – are the other two.

You can use any or all of these to benefit your time with your puppy and live your life while looking for REAL LIFE opportunities to train!

Do not allow your pup to grab at or jump at you or any reward you may use. Rather, lure him into position with calm, slow movements. Don’t bother with the commands yet (SIT or DOWN). There is no need to say a command if your dog has no clue what it means.  It’s easier for the dog to learn the behavior first and then learn the label or command for it.  So, the commands will come after the behavior is learned!

Here Is How

Lure your pup into this position by holding a treat close and in front of his nose. Do not allow him to grab at it but rather lure his head into a “looking up and back” position almost so your dog has to sit down, in order to see where the treat is going. Keep your hand still so he doesn’t jump up to get the treat, but again, must sit down and look up to follow your hand back…. When the butt hits the floor say, “GOOD” and let him have the treat. Repeat a few times but don’t try to teach the SIT for more than 5 – 10 minutes. Move on to play or do something else so neither of you gets frustrated.